JAYEBIRD was born out of a love for style, need for function, and desire to inspire more women to get into the game.

At JAYEBIRD, we bring you:

Functional Style.
We don't chase trends. We take our time to thoughtfully design timeless styles that function for golf and are fun to wear. We encourage you to mix and match tops and bottoms to make your very own collection.
We believe looking your best should not come at the cost of comfort. We take special care to tailor each style to fit and flatter a woman's body using the most comfortable performance fabrics available.
Better Materials.
Better performing, better construction, and better for the environment. Our fabrics are eco-certified and offer sun protection, breathability, moisture wicking, wrinkle resistance, and anti-pilling properties.
Meet our founder, Katie Byrnes.

I grew up playing sports – a lot of different sports actually. But golf has always been my favorite. Regrettably, it has also been the most difficult sport for me to find something to wear. I knew I was not alone; I actually overheard women say that they didn’t have any interest in learning to golf because they didn’t like the clothes. WHAT!?

Growing up my solution to "style" was to shop primarily outside of golf apparel. I found these brands either did not meet course dress codes or did not function for golf.

Women's golf apparel was lacking, and even worse, it was preventing women from picking up the sport.

Thus, JAYEBIRD was born out of a love for style, a need for function and a desire to inspire more women to get into the game.

I started JAYEBIRD in 2018 when I moved to Hong Kong. Being located close to manufacturing allowed us to handpick every material that goes into our products. We work directly with our pattern makers, suppliers and factory to bring our designs to life.

Seeing my love of the game and style come together has been a challenging and rewarding experience. As we come up on 2 years in business, I’m looking forward to connecting with even more women through Jayebird and our love of golf.

I hope that your JAYEBIRD makes you feel as good you look!

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